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About webiknow

We started Webiknow in 2015 as a group of seasoned marketing professionals who saw a need for companies to better manage their webinar campaigns. We quickly realized companies marketing teams also required help to manage and utilize new marketing opportunities in video. We were able to help companies such as SAP understand the benefits of combing tried and true content such as white papers with videos for our debut offering, VIDEO Whitepapers. 

Knowledgeable, professional, and responsive team covering global markets and serving clients worldwide.  Wealth of industry experts from leading SaaS webcast and video platforms. Experience with cutting-edge clients in a wide range of industries including Technology, Financial Services, Legal, and Healthcare. Ability to utilize and optimize multiple platforms, including ON24, Zoom, and Intrado. 

We continue to keep ahead of the video-learning-curve so we can further help companies bring their marketing ideas to successful fruition with new and innovative web-based presentations that get attention and  sales results!

We are a highly creative and motivated bunch located in and around the city of Boston.  Tried and true locals who love and are inspired by all that our city offers, from great music to amazing food, from the "ville" to the Northshore!


Be sure to socialize with us! We'd love to get to know you better! 

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