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Inbound Marketing: How SAP drove 9 million

impressions with targeted content campaign using Webiknow Video White Papers


With 19 industries to cover, SAP created an extensive content marketing campaign that delved into not only relevant topics across those​. Read how the marketing team at SAP executed this expansive campaign, and drove over 9 million impressions.

Webiknow Video White Papers were a key deliverable for this campaign 

"SAP created video versions of white papers because hectic senior executives might not take the time to sit down and digest a 20 to 30-page whitepaper. They can digest a four-minute video. They can forward that to somebody else and say, ‘See what's behind the curtain here,’ if you will. That person would be the one to download the full whitepaper",  


Ginger Shimp, Marketing Director for SAP. 

This article was originally published in Marketing Sherpa and can be found here:


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