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SAP Video White Paper

SAP created a video white paper to quickly explain the content of a white paper in a more engaging format than a simple PDF. 

Webiknow fully produced this short video including filming at our studio on green screen, hiring professional talent, and create engaging graphics and animations that reflected the SAP brand and culture. 

Platform Overview:

2 Minute Video 

vCom knew they wanted to quickly engage potential clients with a short company introduction video but didn't know where to begin. 


 Webiknow helped them create a exciting 2 minute video from scratch including consultation on message and delivery, script writing including interviews with vCom staff, professional voiceover, graphical storyboard, video animations and more.  


This is a key asset featured on their home page, YouTube channel, in sales presentations and more. 

Video Intros

Ability Network is a leading healthcare IT provider and a innovator when it comes to webcasting. 

These short videos were used to promote webinars on social, were embedded onto the registration page to increase conversions and used on their website to promote the webinars. 

Video Testimonials

vCom had filmed a series of video testimonials but had no idea what to do with the footage.

Webiknow edited the raw video and created a story that shared how their customer was having success. 

We added a background and created all the graphics and animations to support the customer story. 

Lets Talk Data Podcast

Webiknow produces the Let's Talk Data Podcast including:

  • Consultation on podcast strategy

  • Set up of podcast channel and artwork

  • Recording, editing and publishing of podcast episodes 

  • Development of show notes and other related resources