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Frictionless Government: Provide, Protect, and Prosper in the Digital Society

Dear Customers and Partners,


Governments have a timeless mission: to provide services, to protect society, and to enable economic prosperity.


Yet, in recent times, governments are facing a growing number of major challenges:


• Disasters happen more often, and with a bigger impact

• Globalization puts businesses and governments under pressure

• Natural resources are more and more constrained in the face of a growing world population

• Massive urbanization stresses cities and leaves rural areas underserved

• Digitally experienced citizens demand the service level and customer experience they know from shopping, banking, and social media


At the same time, digitization and the underpinning breakthrough technology innovations offer immense opportunities worldwide to deliver better outcomes:


• Social media mobilizes people all over the world

• Sensors help optimize waste removal, parking space, and street lighting

• Cloud and Internet are becoming essential for innovations like personalized care, optimized traffic flow, autonomous cars, and agile disaster management

• Networks run on smart technology and help make businesses, students, job-seekers, and service providers more effective

• In-memory computing is able to translate massive data to insightful information, literally at your fingertips


Digitization is the foundation for a frictionless government. Running frictionless is when you deliver services based on real insights, not statistical trends. It’s when you can interact with no channel constraints; when technology works for you, instead of the other way around; and when government always puts its customers first, rather than forcing them into the maze of government bureaucracy.


Based on our 30-year experience partnering with public sector agencies, we have a unique perspective to enable our ambition of a frictionless government and support your digital transformation with our digital business framework. It is our portfolio of applications, platform, and networks based on the latest digital technology: in-memory computing.


How do we get there? In this white paper, we would like to share with you our perspective on a digital, frictionless government; how governments around the world have successfully digitized different operations; and how you can design your own digital transformation agenda with us.


Thank you for your interest, and I look forward to our journey together!


Kind regards,

Dr. Martin Klein

SAP Global Vice President for Public Sector

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