How to Use Webinars to Close Business

We all know how great webinars are for generating new leads but did you know that they can also be really effective tools for helping you to close deals? Watch this on-demand webinar, “How to use Webinars to Close Business”.

This live, interactive webinar (about webinars), will highlight best practices and tips for creating bottom-of-the-funnel webcasts that can help accelerate a prospect towards a sale, including:

  • Creating demo webinars

  • Using video tools to show off your products

  • How to create content that closes

  • How to attendees to a sales engagement

Become a hero to your sales team, and deliver highly qualified leads.

Every business should be producing webinars to generate leads. Webinars are an efficient way to present large amounts of visual information, and they can produce high-quality leads. Not many people realize how effective webinars are for lead generation. However, knowing where to start can be confusing.


HubSpot and ReadyTalk, a webinar software company, have partnered to deliver a free webinar tutorial to walk you through webinar production from start to finish to help you make your next webinar a success. They'll also reveal some pro webinar tips that only the experts are using today. Watch this on-demand webinar to learn:

  • How to run a successful webcast

  • How to present during a webcast

  • Why webinars are a powerful marketing tactic

  • Tips on making your webinar flawless

  • How to repurpose webcast content to get more leads long-term

  • The webcast checklist that you should go through before broadcasting your webinar

  • & other webinar best practices!

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I hope we (and you) have a chance to get educated at these great events. 

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Are you looking to take your existing webinar program to the next level?


Maybe you want to start a webinar program quickly and from the ground up. Or maybe, you nt to do more webinars, but you just don't have the time to host and moderate any more webinars than you already have.

Well, now you have a solution.

New services offered by 3rd party webinar experts help ensure your webinar program is a success. Remove the stress of having to moderate every one of your webinars and let somebody else manage the details on event day - from introductions, Q&A, and all technical assistance.

Attend this webinar to learn about how using 3rd party webinar moderation lets you:

  • Quickly and easily take your webinar program to the next level by adding resources to your team that helps you deliver your event

  • Reduce your anxiety on event day, and focus your time on other strategic initiatives rather than your webinar

  • Bring a more polished and professional feel - before, during and after your webinar - without even showing up to your webinar

  • Also, be sure to use #worryfreewebinars before, during and after the event to keep the conversation going. We look forward to your participation