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How to Survive and Thrive in a World Where  Technology is Rewriting the Rules of Retail


Dear Retail Customers and Partners,


In 10 years, retail will look very different. While the store will remain a cornerstone in most retail models, the “retailer of the future” will capture demand and trigger processes from novel sources such as wearables, mobile devices, smart homes, and cars. Nearly all store sales will be influenced by digital in 2020,1and the retailer of the future will excel at orchestrating core processes in the maze of near-infinite purchase paths available to ever-more discerning consumers.


Already by 2020, we will see:


•3.8 billion –half the world’s population –using the mobile Internet


•75 billion connected devices


•5 billion people on social networks


Behind these numbers are groups and individuals who shape retail with their social, lifestyle, and digital habits –disrupting the industry and creating opportunities for innovators who understand how to engage effectively in a digital economy. 


In this white paper we will discuss how you can tackle complexity and reclaim control of your digital future. We will explore how you can reimagine everything from business models to retail processes to how people work. Delivering on expectations of today’s consumer requires navigating a path that re-imagines business in light of current and future digital disruptions, yet builds on your existing investments and assets.

We are looking forward to walking this path together.




Lori Mitchell-Keller

Global General Manager Consumer Industries


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