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Webinar Checklist
Increase engagement and generate more qualified leads

Follow Webiknow’s proven methodology for running a successful webinar campaign:


8 weeks prior

  • Hold kickoff call to discuss logistics

  • Choose a date for the webinar

  • Identify a hot topic and create an exciting title

  • Select speakers

  • Create abstract that outlines key benefits

  • Set campaign goal

  • Create registration form

  • Create promotional plan

  • Create email invitations

5 Weeks Prior

  • Review outline of webinar presentation

  • Start first draft of slide presentation

  • Launch promotional campaign

  • Configure event reminders

  • Create associated blog posts


1 Week Prior

  • Dry run with speakers; check timing and

  • review the webinar script

  • Train on webinar platform

3 Days Before

             Send reminder emails

  •         Final promotional push

  •         Finalize slide deck

  •         Create some plotting questions

  •         Prepare Q & A questions just in case they are needed


Day of Webinar

  • Send reminder email

  • Ensure presenters are ready

  • Dial in to the webcast at least 30 minutes before call starts from a land line

  • Social media blitz

During the Webinar

  • Engage on social media and live chat

  • Ask polling questions

  • Provide questions for Q&A if needed



  • Send on-demand link to all registrants

  • Launch on demand promotional plan

  • Add to content library on website

  • Add chapters to webcast for easy consumption

  • Upload version to SlideShare

  • Set up weekly lead flows


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